Myers-Briggs says I’ve changed

April 21, 2009 at 6:17 pm | In just_so | 2 Comments

Change is good, right?

Prompted by Gotham Gal’s post about taking an online Myers-Briggs personality test, I decided to give the test another whirl.

I had taken it several years ago and got an INFP result – that’s Introversion, iNtuition, Feeling, Perception. (I wasn’t especially pleased with that, incidentally. Not for any particular reason, but because it struck me as fuzzy.)

Half a dozen years later, it seems I’ve decided that all that Feeling and Perceiving stuff is a luxury of youth (and money, of which I now have much much less than I did when I “was” an INFP).

The current result says I’m an INTJ – that’s Introversion, iNtuition, Thinking, Judgment. Yep, still introverted and intuitive (mebbe), but now thinking and judging a bit harder. My age is showing, perhaps?

The only thing I really like about this new assessment (as described here) is that “we” INTJ types are – drumroll, please – Masterminds.



  1. ESTJ or ENTJ here.

    I was 50% on Sensing so it could be swapped with Intuitive. I’m a Supervisor or a Fieldmarshal. Get back to work or see to it that someone does!

    Comment by Davin Greenwell — April 21, 2009 #

  2. In response to my post, someone on Twitter remarked that it was weird to see 2 axes shift like that (I went from INFP to INTJ), but ya know, how scientific can an online quiz be in the first place? It’s kind of fun, though…

    Comment by Yule — April 24, 2009 #

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