Jim Gordaneer Painting Retrospective

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I’m really looking forward to the opening of Jim Gordaneer‘s upcoming retrospective at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria:


Gordaneer is a painter’s painter. What that means is that he works it out in paint. It’s not a question of theory or philosophy, it’s all about the painting.  And what fantastic painting it is!

That’s not to say that Gordaneer’s work is devoid of theory or philosophy. For some years in the 90s, Gordaneer was part of Victoria’s Chapman Group, a group of artists who pondered the phenomenology of perception, and what it could mean for their art.

But as Gordaneer said (in a 2006 interview), “I paint what I want to talk about, and how I want to talk.”

Consequently, each painting speaks volumes.

Jim Gordaneer’s Retrospective will be on show at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria from April 9, 2010 to June 6, 2010. There’s an opening reception on Sunday April 11 at 2pm, and an artist’s talk on Saturday April 24 at 1pm. The artist’s talk includes Harry Stanbridge and John Luna. Well worth attending.

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