Hypericum, Hyperion

June 24, 2010 at 10:09 pm | In just_so | Comments Off on Hypericum, Hyperion

File this under “Strange things we remember”: tonight is St-Jean-Baptiste-Day, aka Midsummer Eve, aka a great huge party with torches and open fires in Montreal where I lived many years ago.

Zoom in on a great throng of us trudging up Mount Royal, two “Anglo chicks” mixed in with the locals. The girls have a couple of boys following close (very close) behind.

What do you think, should we hit them up? asks one.

Non, elles sont trop maigre, says the other.


Can’t remember what the hell we did once we reached the top of Mount Royal, but presumably we went back down again.

Happy St. John’s Midsummer Day, fat flowers for all and a blooming summer to be… 😉

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