Send me to Web 2.0 Summit in November?

October 27, 2010 at 11:10 pm | In just_so, web | Comments Off on Send me to Web 2.0 Summit in November?

I spent half an hour this afternoon ogling the speaker line-up for the upcoming Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco – the Education “point of control” holds enough of interest to make me want to be there – but then I looked at the price of admission and needed to sit down: $4195 (and it’s by invitation only, just to rub it in).

Anyone want to get me invited – and give me a ticket? 🙂

Very late to the game, I left a comment on the Points of Control Map just now – apparently, one can qualify to win a free pass that way…! My comment argued for Diigo, which I didn’t see on the map, but which offers unique and interesting opportunities, particularly in education and academic endeavors.

Specifically, I was reminded of‘s Tony Curzon Price who used Diigo to do a collaborative online annotation of Jonathan Zittrain’s book, The Future of the Internet – and how to stop it.

In the absence of a fairy godmother sponsor, winning a free pass would sure be nice. Someday, someday…! 😉

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