In the past couple months, I’ve done interesting interviews with people who have some kind of relationship to games for Play As Life. The publication (which is web-based and will be in print twice a year) hasn’t really gotten off its feet yet because we haven’t been able to find the right writers. It is hard to find people who are interested in the culture of gaming although many write reviews. The great thing about this publication, however, is that it allows me to get to know really awesome, talented people whom I would probably never meet otherwise.

You should definitely check out these interviews with:

Eitan Glinert, founder of Fire Hose Games. At MIT, he developed Audi Odessey, a game for hearing-impaired.

Laura Shigihara, composer for the game Plants vs. Zombies.

Pam Taggart, virtual world moderator. She’s kind of like a cyber policewoman for VWs and mmorpgs.

Debbie Goard, designer of kick-ass cakes that have a gaming theme.

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