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Week 3 Post: The Recitation of the Quran

Reading and reciting the Quran (Islamic Book) is an extremely important concept of Islam. From early ages muslim children are taught to recite and memorize the Quran, many memorize the entire Quran and become noted as Hafiz. These Hafiz are reviled by Islamic society and are known to receive multiple blessings and rewards from God, according to the Hadith. The linguistic component of Islam is extremely interesting as the Quran was transmitted orally, placing high value on the pronunciation and recitation of the scripture. In Ghazali’s “External Rules of Quran Recitation” he discusses 10 rules of Quranic recitation, from a ver spiritual viewpoint very different from the teachings of my parents and the understanding of many modern muslims. The experience of reading the Quran should be unparalleled as it is a connection between the human soul and the direct word of it’s creator, yet many muslims overlook this component and choose to simply read as if it were a tedious homework assignment.

I chose to replicate the recitation of Surah Al-Qadr presented to us via the course website. I made sure to follow Ghazali’s 10 steps by performing ablution, facing the Kabah in a standing position, and recitation supplication before performing the reading. To fulfill the component of recitation I broke the Surah into verses and treated each as if it were it’s own Surah. Before reciting, I wrote out the entire Surah in my notebook in order to connect directly with the words and follow over my transcription while reciting. In terms of prostration I felt it necessary to prostrate before and after the recitation while performing the aforementioned supplication. I felt this enhanced my worship and connection with God almighty as I completed submitted.

While reciting the Quran I focused on “reading the Quran beautifully and in a slow matter” (Ghazali, Pg. 53) and “aloud” as prescribed in step 9. As I performed these steps I worked to emphasize the “tartil” or slow reading that Ghazali talks about in step 5. As hard as I tried I could not replicate the “weeping” described in step 6 during my recorded recitation, but as I read later in the night and truly connected with the message I began to break down into a deep uncontrolled weeping. These steps clearly enhanced my recitation and level of connection with the Quranic text, as well as my appreciation for the artistic beauty present during the recitation of the Quran.

Below is my recorded recitation of Surat Al Qadr.

Surat Al Qadr Recitation

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