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What I wish you knew: Somewhere in America Response

(Click here for Youtube Video) Somewhere in America RAP VIDEO RESPONSE 

The Mipsterz “Somewhere in America” video controversy set off a fire within my insides as I saw individual criticizing innocent muslim women for expressing themselves. I agree that some themes in the videos may be drawing too much attention, but again these women are free to express themselves through creative outlet and embody the strength of female figures such as Aisha and Khadijah. I chose to express my beliefs through a rap song, since the video is set to Jay Z’s song “Somewhere in America.” I wrote my own original rap song response in support of gender equality in Islam and as a response to the bigoted and close minded critiques of the original video. I also videotaped the performance so viewers could see my energy and passion behind the message, while at the same time enjoying the musical elements of hip hop music. I also chose to incorporate a rap video because we ended the course with a focus on the emergence of Islamic hip hop and hip hop in general as a very influential art form, thus I believe this medium could potentially have a huge impact. My audience is not just the critiques of the video, but also the average american of any faith and cultural background, in order to educate them on the Islamic view toward women and openly show that Muslim men in American support muslim women. By focusing on this broad audience I am trying to incorporate an educational interfaith element; a message for all peoples who have viewed the “Somewhere in America” video. I am also attacking the societal patriarchs who view women as inferior to men and expressing an uplifting idea of a gender equal society across the globe. I believe that my piece highly represents the issue of gender inequality in society and the support of strong empowered women across the globe. I state specific examples of Muhammad’s support of feminine figures and the historical accounts of Aisha and Khadijah, both of whom were wives to the prophet. I also try to place myself within the shoes of a young muslim girl viewing this video and feeling empowered, then being struck down by societal confines or oppressive criticism. I want women around the world to know that men are here to support them in their endeavors and have their back against oppressive figures. I am also able to comment on the ignorance toward others in society as well as the unnecessary drama associated with attacking a video while poverty, rape and corruption go untouched.

Lyrics to song:

Somewhere in America,

There is a hijabi dressed in make up and mascara

Trying to figure out the image in the mirror

A princess in the making

Fighting the temptation

Of this god-forsaken cultural placement

Debating the double standard creation

Praying she can one day express her true self

Raising her hands to the sky asking God for help

As her heart melts at the cards she was dealt


Somewhere in America there’s a Muslim girl sitting in her bedroom

Scrolling through videos on YouTube

Not knowing what to do, then they see you

Boom inspiration, but wait here comes the hating

So let me get this straight then

Its ok for men to dictate them

But as soon as a Muslim girl feels empowered

You criticize and critique like a coward

Understand strength is represented through expression

The prophet never judged. He focused on protection

So why you trying to hate on their attempt at self reflection

Stop judging on a first impression, and focus on self perfection

Hijab, no hijab, whats in the heart is all that matters

We choose to judge, now the whole ummah is scattered

Over all the contradictory issues

Because we choose to misuse

The way we interpret and view and others views

When in fact we have no clue what they’ve been through

Men have some respect,

Just because a girl skateboards and is fashionable in dress

Doesn’t mean she lacks intellect

Dwell for a sec and dissect the true meaning


Every Muslim woman is a unique human being


Now I’m dreaming of an equal society

Where individuals are not judged on gender, but instead piety

I wouldn’t say the girls are trying to stand out

They’re taking initiative, and not looking for a hand out

Anyone can become a doctor, teacher or lawyer

But to challenge culture and image takes a true warrior

What these women did was different

Instead of confining themselves like a prison

They broke free and left a social imprint

Choosing to rivet all these cultural standards

Man it hurts, to see all these negative responses

How can one live with hate on they conscious

Seems like now a days everyone is a misogynist

Problem is Muslims love to argue on and make no sense

Creating false concepts, so they can control the other sex

It’s complex and can perplex any type of cortex

I wouldn’t say its Islamic, its mainly the culture and will falter Like not giving her a choice at the alter

These girls aren’t trying to fit in

They’re breaking barriers like a space mission

Executing the stereotypes of our religion

Driving to add addition to the way we are living

Whether it be Jewish Muslim or Christian

The world needs more empowered women

Remember this, the hijab is her decisions

That rests in her heart, is between her and the lord

Just like its her decision to rock tom ford

Our women shouldn’t be ignored,

They should be the forefront of our identity

And not be forced into dependency or have to pretend to be some unknown entity

With Aisha like force lets eliminate the discrepancies

Agree or disagree I think we need to break free

Because my mother raised me better than that

And devoted her life to giving back

So to every beautiful Muslim girl I tip my hat

Continue to be strong, because we brothers have your back

By- Aoss


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