RIAA aids terrorism?

In the July 23rd USA Today article on “California cigarette tax could skyrocket” a report from the General Accounting Office is quoted which states “the incentives for criminal organizations, including terrorist organizations, to smuggle cigarettes into and throughout the United States” increase as cigarette taxes increase. The idea being that market will always get products to consumers at a price they want. The article speculates that the smuggling of cigarettes (which was a mob activity) will now be used by “the terrorists” to raise funds for their operations. Cigarettes and pirate CDs are a staple of the smuggling business and so it is simple to infer that CD prices remaining artificially high will also increase terrorist interests. The artifical bloat of the price of cigarettes are a result of socio-political engineering to curb the ability of smokers to obtain their fix. In the case of CDs the RIAA simply wishes to keep their bloated infrastructure in place and so they maintain an artificially high price. Are terrorists using this weakness in our business infrastructure to fund their operations?

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