Bypass Comcast Bittorrent Throttling

Comcast has be shown by the AP and others to engage in willful blocking of Bittorrent seeding. It does not matter if the seed is completely legal or not. Comcast has decided that a unilateral blocking approach is what they want. Comcast will send RST (reset) packets in both directions if a new seed is detected using technology from Sandvine.

A blog entry at TorrentFreak has some ideas on how to get around these blocks. It is still uncertain what the contractual ramifications here are for Comcast subscribers. Does Comcast stipulate that no Bittorrent traffic is permitted on their network? If they don’t then is it against the ToS to use features of the protocol to simply outwit them? Only time will tell on this.

from TorrentFreak:
1. Quite a few Comcast users report that forcing protocol header encryption completely eliminates the problems. This is the easiest solution since most BitTorrent clients support encryption. Please note that simply enabling encryption is not enough, it has to be forced. More details on how to do this can be found over here.

2. Another successfully workaround is to run BitTorrent over encrypted tunnels such as SSH or VPN. BitTorrent over SSH works, but it will cripple the servers of the SSH providers if you plan to use it permanently. A VPN service such as Relakks or VPNTunnel is a better option, and it is worth a few bucks.

3. Comcast prevents seeding, if you’re on a private tracker, and want to share as much as possible, an easy solution is to lower your download rate. When downloading, make sure that you have met your uploading goal by the time that the download completes. The easiest way to accomplish this is to set a download rate slower than the uploading rate. This of course is not an optimal solution because your download will never be faster than you upload speed.

4. One of the best options, if possible, is to switch to another ISP.

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