local irish bar… hacked

While doing some research for the SOURCEboston pub crawl I wandered over to the Tommy Doyle web page. Clearly not a page visited often or cared for much by the owners since it has a anti-war page up stating:

Security :0 My test: 1

Who is ‘the real murder’ Bush? You or this baby?
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Hacked BY Scientist/AYT

A haunting but beautiful arabic song plays in the background. the source of the mp3 is http://dosyalar.semazen.net/muzic/Esma1…. but I can not in good conscience hotlink to the song. If anyone knows the folks at TD’s they might need to be notified to fix their server security. The really odd part is the Kendall page and the main page are unchanged. It is only the Harvard location page which contains this message.

Here is a mirror of the page
tommy doyle pwned

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