What’s the fastest way to get a scuba diving license?

I don’t dive, but my friends do. I thought it’d be fun to open this blog with a literal dive. Scuba divers need to be certified with the first being the open water certification. Usually one needs to spend about two weekends in the classroom and diving to get a certification. Becoming a diver has always been on my radar and as I moved from California to land locked Colorado I felt my time was running out to check that box. Why do I want to become a diver? Because everyone else that wears a dive watch may find out that I’m a fraud! So with less than a month before my move I looked up the fastest way to get a license.

Can anyone do it in one weekend? Seems like the answer is yes! South Beach Dive and Surf Center in Miami Beach, Florida knocks it out in two days. Seems they accomplish this by allowing you to study on your own before the course. Last time I was in Florida I did quite a bit of free diving at Dry Tortugas National Park but next time I’ll be taking this crash course in diving.

Also of note, I found a diving school here in Colorado, didn’t expect that.

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