Buying a Cheap Mansion

I’m in the market for a house this year and being from California I may have an odd view of how much a house is supposed to cost. So it got me thinking, what’s the worst housing market and how far could I stretch my money if I chose to live there? After all, I lived in a tiny town of one square mile for a year and that wasn’t so bad.

That’s when I found this 9000 square foot 7 bed 7.5 bath mansion in Dayton, Ohio for 300 grand. You couldn’t buy a shack in my hometown for 300 grand and here’s a literal mansion. That featured image is actually the back of the home, the front of the home is a roundabout driveway.

Now I don’t know much about Ohio except that people are anxious to leave. I’ve also heard that they don’t like California. Honestly, I couldn’t even point to Ohio on a map what’s with this one sided hatred?

Dayton is also home to a pretty famous Air Force base, Wright-Patterson and the Air Force’s graduate school, AFIT. It’s not so far out of the question that I could get a job on base and live in a place I could unironically call my “estate”. I could perhaps teach at the local university and spend my summers back in lovely California.

If I could live in a small farming town without issue, I’m sure I could make it here.

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