The Harvard Class Ring

Everyone knows about that massive brass rat the MIT students wear. Does Harvard have something similar? Harvard class rings aren’t as universal as the brass rat is to MIT but they are around. Harvard class rings are almost universally signet rings; however, there is no “official” ring. I’ve heard that back in the day there were competing efforts between the Coop and the Harvard Shop to introduce a class ring and it looks like the Harvard Shop’s ring made by Balfour won out. There are at least three other companies that make Harvard class rings, Signitas, Herff Jones, and M. La Hart & Co but I went with the Balfour ring.

Why do I want a class ring? Well firstly I think signet rings are classy but I don’t have a signet of my family crest passed down for generations like others. Secondly, class rings are a military tradition and thus commonly worn at my workplace.

My fingers are long and thin so I went with the extra small design, extra small being 1mm smaller than small. It ended up looking more like an “normal” ring than a signet ring because of its extra small sizing. I imagine that if one wants the more traditional bulky signet ring you’d have to get at least a medium but that wouldn’t fit my hand. I inquired about their style sizing and included it here for anyone else that needs the info: L – 18mm x 15mm, M – 16mm x 14mm, S – 13mm x 11mm, XS – 12mm x 10mm.

I’m very pleased with the amount of customization allowed. Each side can be customized with the student’s house and school. People commonly engrave class year on the sides as well. Mine has the Extension School’s coat of arms on one side and Kirkland House’s on the other.

The cheapest option with no precious metals is around $400. It took a long time to produce, two months, but came nicely packaged and has stood up to semi-regular wear for almost a year now.

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