Review: Ducky x MK Creator Mecha Mini

I bought the “Ducky x MK Creator Mecha Mini RGB 60% Double Shot Pudding PBT Mechanical Keyboard” because I needed a 60% for FPS gaming and I loved the look of the pudding keycaps. As it says in the name, it’s a collab with and was available for a limited time. For the premium you get the aforementioned pudding keycaps, a custom purple base, and a custom creator spacebar. It also comes with the standard keycap puller and cable.

There should be more available soon; “late March 2021” they advertise. But it’s March 21st right now and it’s still not available. I didn’t find this product during the retail window so I had to get mine off ebay. After a bit of negotiating the seller and I settled for $200 with shipping, about $80 over the retail price.

This is going to be an FPS only keyboard so I went with black switches. The size is perfect, giving me the most room possible so that I don’t run into my keyboard on long flicks. I don’t like linear switches nor 60% keyboards for typing so I keep another keyboard on my desk when I need to do some work.

As with the normal one 2 mini, the base is a high quality metal and the entire keyboard has a surprising weight. Opening and closing the feet gives the most satisfying sound, like flipping a switch on a piece of heavy machinery.  I’ve been using this keyboard for three months now and I’ve seen no signs of wear, the finish on every part is just as solid as when I bought it.

This is all consistent with the standard Ducky one 2 mini. The things that make this keyboard unique, I’m not impressed by. I dislike the texture of the keycaps. The plastic is semi-rough and it dirties easily.  You can also feel / see bit of plastic where the mold was injected near the top of all the keycaps (I think it’s called a sprue?). That part faces away from you when you’re typing so you’d never feel or look at it with regular use but upon closer inspection it’s easily visible. The custom space bar design is a low resolution. The lines in the design are imperfect and its noticeable even when just looking down at the keyboard. They include the pudding space bar in the box but I’m likely just going to replace this with an artisan. Lastly being a custom collab for mechanical keyboard enthusiasts, I feel like it’s missing an essential item we all purchase anyways, a custom cable. I would have loved a custom purple coiled cable even if we had to pay more for it.

So would I recommend the keyboard? For a $20 premium on the regular ducky one 2 mini? Yeah, sure. The keycaps look cool and you get a purple base. For a $100 premium, like you’d get trying to buy one new off ebay right now? Nah.

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