Review: Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece Captoes

I needed a casual set of oxfords and this light brown was perfect. I got the GF Captoes on sale for around $120 with a coupon. The oxfords feature a non slip sole and ortho insoles, great for a casual shoe I intend to be traveling in. These shoes are made in Italy out of calf skin. The sales rep told me that they were made on a Peele & Co last which is what sold me.

Here’s my greatest issue, these are by far the most difficult dress shoes I’ve had to break in. I’ve probably walked about 5 miles so far in them and the contact points at the base of my toes and heels blister upon extended use. I’ve never had a shoe bite into the top of my foot so much at the crease behind the toecap, it’s especially bad at the base of my big toe. I think I could be wearing a half size smaller to make this shoe a snug fit. That would only increase the problem but I would say the sizing runs slightly large. Even just standing around at the craps table the orthopedic insoles were not doing me as much good as I would’ve hoped. The description of these shoes promises a flexible, comfortable, shoe which has been the exact opposite of my experience so far.

At the moment it’s unclear what direction Brooks Brothers will take their shoe line, the shops haven’t had any shipments during COVID so I may just be beating a dead horse critiquing these oxfords.

I’m not giving up though, I did spend a bit of money on these. Hopefully, with a more break in, these will become a comfortable casual shoe for me.


Description: Brown Oxfords with non-slip soles and ortho insole.

Brand: Brooks Brothers

Line: Golden Fleece Footwear

Style: 100083732 (color: cognac)

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