Seatbelts Supporter Kit

For those of you that don’t know, the Seatbelts are a band that performs the soundtrack for Cowboy Bebop. They’re not really an active band that performs together often, more like a group of musicians assembled by the composer, Yoko Kano, to perform the OST.

They’ve performed live a few times after the anime came out and they also released a concert during the pandemic on YouTube. With the release of the Cowboy Bebop live action TV show, they’ve assembled once again!

Yoko Kano released a seatbelts supporter kit with their online Pandemic concert. Details are difficult to decipher since the site is in Japanese but each supporter kit comes with a numbered shirt. Yoko Kano has number 1, the band members have the following numbers, and the supporters have numbers up to about 2000. It’s also worth noting that these shirts are issued, not owned, so if they ever ask for it back you’re obligated to return it.

The box came all the way from Japan and the back side was plastered entirely with Japanese stamps. Opening the package revealed a letter, one part in Japanese and the other in English, with the shirt behind uniquely folded to expose the numbering on the sleeve. I wear a US men’s size small/medium so I ordered a Japanese size large. It’s a bit big but if it shrinks a bit in the wash I think it’ll turn out fine. I still recommend going a size up from US size though a Japanese medium may have fit me better at 5’8″ 135 lbs.

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