Trainings Given to an Air Force ROTC Cadet

Every cadet in the Air Force ROTC goes through a different set of training by nature of their detachment resources and updated trainings through the years. At the very least cadets are given 1 year of Aerospace Studies, drill and ceremony, and 2 weeks of field training. That’s the minimum though cadets these days get less trainings from the shortened length of field training. Many of us get to experience much more from satellite operations to air assault school. I’m just going to quickly list the trainings given to me as a sort of advertisement and thank you to AFROTC.


IED Detection: using metal detectors to uncover IEDs buried in a sandbox.

IED Detection 2: walking through a forested area detecting enemies and traps.


Humvee Rollover: a Humvee on an axle spins to simulate a rollover.

Convoy Operations


M9 Beretta Qualification: standard marksman qualification

Weapons familiarity: shooting various rifles, shotguns, and pistols

M4 Simulation: Air recoiled M4 simulation shooting gallery

Military Operations in Urbanized Terrain

Security Forces Use of Force Judgement: a scenario is played, the trainee must determine whether to use their sidearm before getting shot


Huey Ride

Pave Hawk Ride: mount and dismount

C-17 Ride: evasive maneuvers, nighttime operations


Self Aid Buddy Care


Trauma Simulation

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