We work hard to provide alternative solutions to global issues.

Alterbal — Alternative Global — is a global community that provides a platform to connect people and to exchange ideas. We are using the Internet to bridge the gap between different people from all backgrounds.

Alterbal stands for Simplicity, Excellence, and Diversity.

Our Vision:
To impact the world in a positive way.

Our Mission:
To contribute alternative solutions to the global issues by exchanging ideas with global experts.

Who We Are:
We are professionals around the world, including, but not limited to, professors, industrial leaders, judges, public servants, scientists, economists….

What We Do:
We provide alternative solutions to the global issues by exchange ideas ideas with global leaders.

We are learning everyday to make our community better. We are demonstrating the excellence, leadership and diversity of the people around the globe. And we are committed to striving for a better world for all by demonstrating examples of leaders.

Alterbal is your home, as well as mine; let us work together to achieve mutual success.

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