In Islam, aesthetics (beauty) is a sign of Divine origin, The beauty of the Quran was evidence of its holiness because “God is Beautiful and loves Beauty”. Renard touches on the idea of sacred scripture in Seven Doors to Islam. He introduces the idea of God communicating with people in a variety of ways. This concept informed this video.

The verses of the Quran are called ayahs, or signs. In the Quran is written, “Wherever you turn there is the face of God”. Thus, this implies that in nature, there are signs of God. Nature has come to play a prominent role in Islamic art, featuring prominently in the arabesque. Winding vines decorate the Holy Quran in book form.

Behold! In the creation of the heavens and the earth; in the alternation of the night and the day; in the sailing of ships through the ocean for profit of humankind; in the rain which God sends down from the skies, and the life which He gives therewith to an earth that is dead; in the beasts of all kinds that He scatters through the earth; in the change of winds, and the clouds which they trail like their slaves between the sky and the earth; (Here) indeed are the signs (ayat) for a people that are wise.” Quran 2:164

Here, God is suggesting that those who can read the ayahs in nature have a special knowledge and know God. To be close to nature is to be close to God.

I took these series of videos when I travelled to Norway because I was so moved by the beauty of the mountains and landscape. Being among nature was a spiritual experience. I specifically picked Surah Qaf to layer over the the video because of the verse “And the Earth, We spread it out, and cast therein firmly set mountains and We have made to grow therein of all beautiful kinds; to give sight and as a reminder to every servant who turns to Allah” (50-7-8) I thought it was fitting for the video. Then I edited the recitation to slow it down as well as give it a distant sound. I associate that sort of soundscape with a heavenly quality. This is fitting as many depictions of Jannah are of a garden.

Abbed, Fares. Surah Qaf,

“Al-Qur’an Al-Kareem – القرآن الكريم.” Surah Qaf [50],,


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