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MORE QUALITY LINK TO COMIC This comic is the style of Persepolis written by Marjane Satrapi. Her book is written from the perspective of a girl growing up in Iran during the Revolution and its aftermath. I chose the narrator of the comic to be a girl who begins wearing the hijab and her complicated […]

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While painting this, I was thinking about binaries and how often they are used in discourse surrounding Muslim women. For instance, the uncovered woman is liberated and brave while the veiled Muslim woman is oppressed and voiceless. In the article “Unveiling Scheherazade”, Charlotte Weber highlights that Western feminists buy into the sexualized, harem image of […]

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Podcast Transcription (beginning not heard in recording) Maymouna: I never thought I would be able to tell this story to anyone. Noura: What made you decide to tell your story? Maymouna: I felt I had to. I needed to share this with the world even if no one wanted to listen. Noura: I am glad […]

In Islam, aesthetics (beauty) is a sign of Divine origin, The beauty of the Quran was evidence of its holiness because “God is Beautiful and loves Beauty”. Renard touches on the idea of sacred scripture in Seven Doors to Islam. He introduces the idea of God communicating with people in a variety of ways. This […]

Hussein quickened his steps as the cold winter air hugged his body closer, causing him to shiver. Already the sweat from building sets for the school play dried white onto his black skin. He always joked that winter was not meant for his kind, yet here he was in Bethlehem, Connecticut, walking back to his […]

Nur Muhammad

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  Professor Asani, in Infidel of Love, describes the deep love that Muslims have for Prophet Muhammad and how he is a model for the ideal in Muslim. Then, in class, we discussed the concept and centrality of Nur Muhammad meaning. Light of Muhammad. His light is primordial and comes from the following Quran verse […]

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