Search Tools Improve…

I was just complaining how the search tools and filters need to get better… and they did! Feedster‘s new improved blog search engine does for web logs, what Google does for web sites. It’s a powerful way to sift through the infoheap. Search experts, see Research Buzz’s Feedster Updates Its Search Engine

And Yahoo! just announced adding Moreover‘s headlines to its news search feature at (I’ve been a Moreover fan for sometime and enjoyed their unheralded, pure news search portal that they offered free until recently).

Meanwhile, Microsoft has Google in it’s sites. Ross Dunn’s Microsoft vs. Google — It’s Getting Ugly article on states,

“…Microsoft’s search plan calls for the full integration of search into every component of home and office computer usage.”

and goes on to charge that…

“The tactics Microsoft will use to introduce this product are well known and will likely violate anti-trust laws in the United States.”

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One comment on “Search Tools Improve…
  1. Scott Johnson says:

    Hi Amy,

    a) Thank you for the nice comments. We’re hard at work here.
    b) As a law student (I’m guessing), you probably know how to search pretty well. I’d be curious to hear any thoughts you have as to what Feedster is missing. Feel free to email me (I’m one of the founders and we’re in Boston so its easy to get input).