Clear Town

I was in my hometown this week, and the local radio station there is now a Clear Channel station. And while the music was pretty mainstream and likeable, there was no news of the Apple Pie Fair on the Common or the Ham and Bean Supper at the Methodist Church. There were no Little League Scores, no report from the Board of Selectmen and no word about the Sidewalk Sale Days on Main Street. Gone is the call-in show where people used to trade stuff (like 3 rain barrels for some clean fill) or report that their white cat was missing near Belknap Street. There weren’t any local kids calling in to win a CD or tickets to the concert at the Town Hall on Saturday night, and there was no word about the Fire on Oak Street and where folks could make a donation to the family that was burned out. And after the Dunkin’ Donuts ad played, the Fine Young Cannibals song came on… smooth… seamless… stepford-like… it could have been any town.

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