E-Newsletters Still Welcome in Inboxes Amid Spam

Jakob Nielsen’s latest study on e-newsletters, indicates they are still the most important way to communicate with customers on the Internet. In “Targeted Email Newsletters Show Continued Strength,” Nielsen explains that despite the adverse spam-laden environment , e-newsletters can be very effective as long as they are informative, convenient (require only a simple click to access) and timely. Because only 11% of e-newsletters are read thoroughly, design and usability plays a large role in running a successful newsletter. A common complaint about e-newsletters was that they arrive too often. A welcome social advantage: they allow readers to pass along relevant information to coworkers and friends.

For more about creating successful content-rich e-newsletters, see my article “Got Content? Leverage Your Web Content
Using E-Newsletters”
on my Infoworks! web site.

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