Year: 2005

Amy’s 2005 Top Ten Web Diversions

1. Top Resource Google. You knew that already, right? But do you know how to take advantage of the world’s most powerful information tool? Invest a few minutes to read The Essentials of Google Search and become the info-god you

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Blog Lesson #3

Proving my point that if you write it they will come: whenever I blog anything halfway original or opinionated, it generates traffic. Latest case in point is the post below this one — simply a summary of an LMA panel

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Chief Legal Officers Speak

1. “I hire lawyers not firms…” 2. “Firms who churn their associates are very frustrating to us…” 3. “Word of mouth” is most reliable referral source… 4. “Cold calling” and “sending brochures” doesn’t work 5. “Cross marketing from a trusted

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The Funnel: Illustrating Sales & Marketing Relationship

See The Funnel: The Link Between Sales and Marketing in Law Firms for a great diagram that helps you understand and communicate to others in your firm the relationship between sales and marketing functions. It’s posted on my Infoworks! site.

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Workshop Helps Lawyers Address Bus. Development Tasks

When it comes to law firm sales and marketing, there are a hundred ways to skin the cat — and plenty of lessons and inspiration to draw on from other industries. Jim Hassett’s workshop (which I attended Nov. 9 at

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If you write it, they will come.

A news item in the recent issue of the AMA’s Marketing Management magazine reveals that corporations plan to increase use of outsourced professional services such as IT, marketing and legal services. The survey by reveals where corporate executives expect

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Legal Guide to Blogging from EFF

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has put together a comprehensive Legal Guide for Bloggers. Although it’s called a legal guide, it’s not legal advice (you need a real lawyer for that) — but it’s a great resource for those who worry

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Listen to Steve Jobs’ Speech

Take 17 minutes out of your busy day to listen to Steve Jobs’ Stanford commencement speech — it will be worth it. I keep recommending this to folks, so I figured I’d just post it here for easy access. Stay

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Law firm web trends in sales and service era

As clients of law firms are demanding value outside of the billable hour and want firms to demonstrate specific, recent, relevant experience, web sites are playing an ever important role in a firm’s ability to differentiate itself and demonstrate expertise,

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Blogging from Legal Sales and Service Conference in Boston

LSSO’s Raindance 2005 Conference on law firm business development and customer service excellence is underway in Boston through June 15 at the Airport Hilton. I have just posted a few brief reports on sessions I attended — see the LSSO

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Hey, my Infoworks! web site has fallen out of Google. Has this ever happened to you? I assume the server was down when Google did its last index. I’m posting this in an attempt to get it back in the

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Blogs on television…

Funny Jon Stewart bit on cable news coverage of blogs!

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Your 15 minutes are up…

More proof in the universe that narrowcasting is the future and mass culture is dying: this Cat and Girl comic. (Posted by permission. Thanks Dorothy.) For more, see Cat and Girl archives.

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It’s not about blogs, it’s about being relevant

Coinciding with Larry Bodine‘s presentation on “Starting a Blog for New Business and Revenue” at the Legal Marketing Association – New England Chapter‘s monthly meeting, were articles on blogging in both the Wall Street Journal and Business Week (see Blogs

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Press and Politics

Then and now. Draw your own conclusions.

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More Americans Online, But What’s Next?

In an earlier post, The franchise is the content, I quoted Tom Curley, CEO of Associated Press, on how Internet is more than just another distribution medium, “it has become our entire business environment…” Now the latest Pew Internet and

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