Month: November 2005

Chief Legal Officers Speak

1. “I hire lawyers not firms…” 2. “Firms who churn their associates are very frustrating to us…” 3. “Word of mouth” is most reliable referral source… 4. “Cold calling” and “sending brochures” doesn’t work 5. “Cross marketing from a trusted

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The Funnel: Illustrating Sales & Marketing Relationship

See The Funnel: The Link Between Sales and Marketing in Law Firms for a great diagram that helps you understand and communicate to others in your firm the relationship between sales and marketing functions. It’s posted on my Infoworks! site.

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Workshop Helps Lawyers Address Bus. Development Tasks

When it comes to law firm sales and marketing, there are a hundred ways to skin the cat — and plenty of lessons and inspiration to draw on from other industries. Jim Hassett’s workshop (which I attended Nov. 9 at

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