The Funnel: Illustrating Sales & Marketing Relationship

See The Funnel: The Link Between Sales and Marketing in Law Firms for a great diagram that helps you understand and communicate to others in your firm the relationship between sales and marketing functions. It’s posted on my Infoworks! site.

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2 comments on “The Funnel: Illustrating Sales & Marketing Relationship
  1. cory says:


    I’m fairly new to your blog but enjoy it. While reviewing past posts I came across The Funnel, a diagram showing the distinct and collaborative nature of sales and marketing functions in professional service firms. I’ve been a sales and marketing consultant for many years; although I’ve seen the funnel used as a visual tool by other industries, I was especially pleased to see it done so well with respect to law firms. However, a senior partner in my firm had a much different opinion:

    “Personally, it was too simplistic for what I wanted. [I’d rather see] an algorithm showing the relationship of lawyers marketing to the legal community, professional abilities of attorneys in the firm, client marketing, the use of the internet, and firm efforts (marketing the firm) and how these all inter-relate to make a successful firm and marketing strategy.”

    That’s asking a lot from a discipline (i.e., marketing) that’s just now reaching ‘maturity’ in the legal arena. Any clues about where I could find such a detailed algorithm?

  2. Amy Campbell says:

    Hi Cory, Thanks for your comments. I’m not sure that this is exactly what you are looking for, but I do remember a funnel sales tool in the form of an Excel worksheet offered by Here is the direct link to more information about it: Marketing and Sales Funnel Analysis Excel Tool.