Year: 2006

Amy’s 2006 Top Ten Web Diversions

Here’s my annual internet stocking stuffed with what’s trendy, newsworthy and just plain fun in web content. Get ready for hours of viewing, listening and reading/linking pleasure! Bookmark this page for future reference. Happy Holidaze! 1. Top Web Video Spot

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Harvard Law School To Study Legal Services Buying and Law Firm Marketing

Not breaking news, but I missed this one — Harvard Law School has launched a five-step research project, How Corporate Clients Purchase Legal Services, to examine how Fortune 500 (or equivalents) make three kinds of significant purchasing decisions: “bet the

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What Drives Corporate Counsel in Their Relationship with Outside Counsel?

Trust at a DNA level Matter management/partnership Cost Fair and flexible billing No surprises/Results Value That is my 10-second executive summary of Understanding What Drives Corporate Counsel in Their Relationship with Outside Counsel, the Legal Marketing Association – New England

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How People “Read” on the Web

I participated in a focus group with a client recently, which among other things, studied the way people use the web to find specific information. It was a good reminder that no matter how sophisticated we get using computers and

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Understanding the Legal Services Sales Process: It’s a Long and Winding Road

Whenever I attend an educational legal marketing seminar there’s usually one or two standout sound-bites worth reporting back here on my blog. The most recent event: an LMA New England Chapter luncheon seminar presentation by consultants Siliva Coulter and Mike

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What Drives Corporate Counsel’s Relationship with Outside Counsel?

Understanding What Drives Corporate Counsel in Their Relationship with Outside Counsel is the pre-conference event scheduled to take place, Thursday, November 16, 2006, as the lead-in to the Legal Marketing Association – New England Chapter’s annual fall conference. Last year’s

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Steal These Ideas!

Here’s a collection of marketing examples with double value. Besides being worthwhile in their own right for their content, they are excellent examples of information-based marketing that may inspire spin-off ideas. To paraphrase Pablo Picasso — “Good law firm marketers

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“Best Lawyer” Distinction Ban in NJ Raises Controversy

The recent opinion by a New Jersey Supreme Court ethics panel to forbid use of the “Super Lawyers” and “Best Lawyers in America” distinctions raises an old question to new status. See article: Ethics Crusaders Crush ‘SuperLawyers’ on My law

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My Web Site SEO Tips

If you came here looking for my web site SEO tips, you’ve come to the wrong place! A law firm management newsletter incorrectly attributed content from my article Top Ten Ways To Improve Your Web Site’s Search Engine Ranking to

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Is your law firm web site helping to make the sale?

I finally posted this little article: Sales Enabling Your Law Firm Web Site on my Infoworks! web site. It’s not an in-depth article, but it touches on the first few steps toward making your web site a more effective partner

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Blogs, Not Just for Breakfast Anymore

For those who still think that blogs are just diaries of what people had for breakfast… check this out: The Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School held yesterday a symposium titled Bloggership: How Blogs Are Transforming

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Tips on Selling and Networking

I found these two recent manifestos from Change This to be entertaining and valuable refreshers on selling and networking. You may also. The Care and Feeding of Your Network, by Bob Allard 111 Ridiculously Obvious Thoughts on Selling, by Tom

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Future of Advertising

Interesting show on The Future of Advertising on WBUR’s (Boston NPR station) OnPoint program. Listen to audio of show.

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Law Firm Client Satisfaction Down, Hiring on the Rise

Only about 30% of clients are satisfied with their law firms. This according to BTI Consulting Group Inc.’s survey “How Clients Hire, Fire and Spend: Landing the World’s Best Clients” just published. This client satisfaction survey result is a return

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Attorney Marketing Hours

The slide that got the most people taking notes at the recent Legal Marketing Association – New England Chapter presentation by Paul Clifford (formerly managing partner of Gadsby Hannah) of Law Practice Consultants, was the one detailing marketing hours for

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