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Still Afraid of Social Media in 2011?

This startling and educational video, Social Media Revolution, from Socialnomics has been around a while, but I didn’t realize the data had been updated (as of May 2010) again in 2011. If you haven’t already seen it, check it out. It

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Did You Get an E-mail from China Regarding Your Domain Name?

As webmaster for several law firm web sites, I have received this e-mail several times stating that a version of [my client’s] domain name is being registered in China and that if the firm wants to protect its domain and

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Linkedin for Lawyers: 10 Ways to Optimize Your Profile

I have taken the most practical points from my Intro to Social Media presentation that I have given at several law firms and turned them into a step-by-step guide to getting the most out of your Linkedin profile. While written

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My Moving Experience – Or, What I Learned on My Summer Vacation

I’ve been quiet on the blogging and social media front recently as I have been busy with purchasing a condo, getting financing in the post-financial crisis world, and then packing, moving, settling in — all during a killer rash of

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Making the Case for a Firm-Branded Twitter Presence

A recent analysis (by me) of the largest 100 law firms in the Boston area (as compiled by the Boston Business Journal) revealed that merely 15% of law firms have taken steps to set up a firm-branded Twitter account, and

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Following the LMA National Conference via Attendee Twitter Posts

The Legal Marketing Association National Conference in Denver is all a-buzz with attendees “tweeting” tips, comments, reactions and shout-outs. (I wonder if anyone is paying full attention). The phenomenon has produced, I believe from one Twitter user’s report, over 10,000

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The Best Advice That Law Firms Rarely Follow

Jeffrey Miller and Jill Kohn‘s article, The Top Five Reasons Why Clients Leave and How You Can Prevent It over on the LawMarketing Portal is a worthwhile read for anyone providing professional services. It’s a stark reminder of the mantra,

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The Benefits of Blogging, Explained

Back at the start of the holidays I was interviewed for and quoted in an article on attorney blogging that ran in the Boston Business Journal and The article was titled Blogged down or Legal Nightmare depending on which

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Social Media — A Definition

I’ve been doing an “Introduction to Social Media for Attorney Marketing” luncheon seminar, and one thing that people have told me they really appreciate is that I start out by giving a definition of social media. We can’t seem to

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Discussion of Attorney Advertising and Ethics in Light of Web 2.0

Over at the Lawyerist is a good post discussing the implications of attorney advertising rules and ethics guidelines in light of new web technologies such as Linkedin. There don’t seem to be any clear answers, but some important things to

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Twitter 101: Twitter Is For Listening

I’ve been dabbling in Twitter for the past year trying to evaluate it for use by attorneys for marketing purposes, as well as for my own curiosity. Initially, I was skeptical as it seemed to be dominated by self-promoting “shouters”

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Alternative Fees Beat: Who Is Doing It? and How?

This is just a quick pointer to Jim Hassett’s blog, Legal Business Development, where he has released the initial findings from his survey of AmLaw 100 firms on alternative billing arrangements. There’s been lots of talk about alternative fees, but

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The New Marketing Is the Old Marketing — Just Different Tools

Social media and new technologies are disrupting the marketing world, and yet the basics of selling professional services still start with building awareness. People buy from people that they know, like and trust. This video has been making the rounds,

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Social Media for Attorney Marketing: Recommended Reading

I just gave a presentation on Introduction to Social Media for Attorney Marketing, and these are the recommended reading links I offered for further exploration (with brief notes on why I included each link). They are posted here for those

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Legal Marketing Lessons from the Recession

Law360 has compiled an 80-page white paper on lessons for law firms from the financial crisis. One section is devoted to business development that outlines creative approaches that are on-target for readers of this blog. Here’s a look at the

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Marketing Legal Services the Free Way

The ever-thoughtful and social-media-savvy Doug Cornelius has a great blog post, Free and Law Firms, commenting on the book Free: The Future of a Radical Price and how it applies to the marketing of legal services. The book is written

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Creating a Firm Policy for Social Networking?

As interest in social networking continues to grow, firms are recognizing many of the benefits, and then asking how can we control what our employees do with these viral tools? I know several firms personally that are working to adopt

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Am Law 200 Is Out for 2009

The American Lawyer has published its annual listing of the top 200 law firms. They slice and dice it a few ways — by gross revenue, revenue per lawyer, profits per partner… You’ll need to be a registered user to

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Ten Easy Ways to Improve Your Law Firm Web Site — On The Cheap

For many law firms, a full web site redesign is a luxury not currently possible. But that doesn’t mean you should give up on every effort to improve your web site. Below is a list of 10 ways to make

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Martindale Hubbell Blown to Bits?

I can’t offer my own opinion on Martindale-Hubbell Connected — the Lexis Nexis venture into bringing its traditional directory product into the world of social networking and Web 2.0 and regain some relevance in the realm of lawyer shopping —

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