Obama MA’08: Cambridge hits the polls

Nasty rain today (so much for my hand-painted sign 🙁 ), but turnout looks pretty strong. Here in Ward 4, Precinct 1, we were counting 186 ballots by 9am — very brisk voting rate, I think.

Did visibility at the polls early morning (7-9am). Our small signs were disintegrating in the rain, and someone ran off with one. I was then sent out to Central Square with a ginormous, waterproof Obama face. The weather was literally dampening everyone’s mood, but we got a few good honks. We’ve been handing out copies of the Kennedys’, Kerry’s, and Patrick’s endorsements, but I’d be somewhat surprised if they change anyone’s minds, especially the independents we’re targeting with gusto. Stickers were a big, big hit, especially of course with kids (and thus their parents).

Visibility at the polls

Incidentally, this (the Middle East / ZuZu’s) has got to be the nicest and coolest staging location I’ve ever seen.

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