Obama PA’08 : luck o’ the Irish

Obama PA'08
More evidence that the extended primary battle benefits the Democratic party: today our crew registered 41 new Democrats in the state of Pennsylvania. Because the PA primaries are closed (only registered Democrats can vote in the Democratic primary), the Obama campaign has been furiously registering supporters as Democrats, if they are not already identified as such.

Today, we registered voters at a Shop Rite strip mall in SW Philly for most of the day; Upper Darby in the afternoon; and finally the Old City bars at night, where our kelly green “O’Bama” signs won us smiles on this last Saturday before St. Patrick’s. Surprisingly, we also got eight registrations tonight; the last two identified themselves as serving in the military and fervently hoped that Obama would be able to end the war in Iraq.

Pennsylvania has leaned strongly towards Clinton, and even here in urban Philly her supporters are all around. (Many are as unfortunately rude as the ones I encountered doing visibility in Cambridge MA). Wherever she’s deploying her ground troops, they were no where near us. While we kept running into Obama crews, we enountered not a single person or group out for Clinton at any point today.

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8 thoughts on “Obama PA’08 : luck o’ the Irish

  1. Can I get one of those O’Bama signs? I’m generally not a fan of St. Patrick’s Day, but I’ll gladly hang that in my window. 🙂

  2. MP: It was less about what they said than how they said it — often very aggressive and in-your-face. I’m sure that Obama supporters have been rude, too, especially on blogs, though as we all know blog behavior can be quite different than face-to-face behavior. I happen to find it unfortunate — and ineffective. (I have a lot more success, when talking with “undecideds,” to talk about my support for Hillary when she ran for NY Senate in 2000 — I was and am a big fan).

    Brandy and Harry: I’m afraid I gave away my spare sign already! I’m sure the PA HQ will have plenty as the season has passed. It’s a good excuse to go down there and volunteer 🙂

  3. Obama race-baited the Irish and the Polish in his pre Super Tuesday speech (which you can get at the LA Times website). In speaking to Latinos, he said’ what about the Irish and the Polish’.

    He is a divisive figure and any Irish person who votes for him, hasn’t done their homework!

  4. ooooh… “What about the Irish and the Polish” that’s divisive stuff, man, you’re right, he’s clearly a racist and it’s all over

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