Kappa Lambda Sigma is an unrecognized Harvard fraternity made up entirely of students from the division of continuing education. Since Harvard currently does not allow single sex organizations, all fraternities (unless co-ed) are of similar status.

Founded on on June 23rd, 2019, the day before summer classes, eight friends went to eat at the infamous Hong Kong restaurant and shared a Scorpion bowl. The group dubbed themselves the Kirkland Scorpions, in reference to the house they lived in and the drink they shared.

After their numbers grew, the founding class pledged the Alpha class of students from the second summer session, renaming themselves to Kappa Lambda Sigma or The Scorpion Club. The members elected a board, created committees, hosted events, participated in intramural sports, and planned a brotherhood retreat to NYC.

Members of the Board:

President: Andrew P.

Vice President: Alejandro

Secretary: Adi

Treasurer: Noah


Committee Chairs:

Brotherhood: Laurens

Travel: Mathieu


Intramural Captains:

Crew: Andre

Dodgeball: Adi

Swim: Andrew



Adi G.








*last names omitted unless multiple of same name