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All About Hair And Hair Treatment

Did you know? When it comes to hair, humans, elephants and rhinos might appear to be the most naked species of mammal but humans do in fact have nearly the same number of hair follicles as other primates! It’s just that we have, for some reason, evolved with much thinner, finer hair than other mammals. We have also developed unique hair patterns. Notably we have denser, thicker hair on our head, armpits and genital areas. The hair on our heads provides protection from the sun as it gets more exposure to the sun than other body parts. Then we have apocrine glands in our armpits and genital area. Apocrine glands are scent-releasing organs and it’s thought these scents may have a similar function to pheromones in other species. The denser hair in those areas helps to trap and intensify these scents.

What Hair Removal Treatment Options And Products Are Available?

Today excessive hirsuteness is often considered undesirable. That’s why the average man spends more than a month of his life shaving off his facial hair! And women spend far longer than that removing hair from their legs, armpits and, often, genital area. Ergo, hair removal treatment options and products today are numerous. There are razors, electric shavers, depilatory creams, waxing products and now, hair growth inhibitors! Each method has its pros and cons. Shaving is cheap, quick, easy and painless but doesn’t last very long. Depilatory creams are more efficient but because they’re chemical based, are not recommended for use in certain areas due to potentially causing inflammation and skin sensitivities. Waxing is longer lasting than either shaving or depilatory creams but ouch…… It’s not exactly the most painless way to get rid of unwanted hair! Hair growth inhibitors target cellular activity in the hair follicles when hair is actively growing, reducing the density and the length of the hair. With regular use, hair growth gets sparser and the hairs become less noticeable, reducing the need for other hair removal methods.

Biotin Deficiency, Biotin Benefits And Hair Loss Vitamins – Do They Work?

And then there is Alopecia! However, whilst some hair loss (Alopecia) is natural, excessive or unusual hair loss should never be taken lightly because in some instances it’s a signal that something is amiss in our body. Biotin deficiency for instance has been linked with recurring hair loss. For that reason, many hair loss vitamins and supplements include biotin as it’s believed to improve and strengthen hair. Fortunately, most of us get enough biotin from our diet.

Alopecia Hair Loss Causes

Androgenetic Alopecia is more commonly known as male pattern baldness but can affect women as well. Hair loss caused by psychological or physical stress is called Toxic Alopecia. Sudden irregular and round shaped patches of hair loss caused by a skin disorder is Alopecia Areata. Hair loss caused by scarring or skin damage is Scarring Alopecia and Trichotillomania is a mental disorder otherwise known as ‘hair-pulling disorder’.

What You Should Know About Dandruff

Another hair issue is dandruff but dandruff is actually nothing more than the scalp shedding dead flakes of skin. Everyone does it but if your scalp is dry, it will be more noticeable on you than on someone who has moister scalp skin. Check the Planet Supplement Health Portal & Blog for five helpful tips to get rid of dandruff and for some Alopecia treatment options!

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