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Pilates – a great physical therapy for spinal injuries

Pilates with a range of stretching exercises is considered to be the first choice of the office workers and has been emerging as a leading physical therapy in the world, for example, Fisioterapia Luxemburgo. This draws the attention of Hollywood stars and the Moscow elites.


Pilates was invented by Joseph Pilates, a German gymnastics coach emigrating to the United States. When having worked out the plan of the functional training for ballet students suffering from the injury by combining stretching exercises such as flexibility exercises and balancing exercises in ballet together with the postures of yoga, he introduced a system of exercises that support to enhance the fitness, prevent injuries and keep the body in balance through exercises for spinal column. With these exercises, you gradually realize their effectiveness in improving your build by keeping the right posture, strengthening muscles and creating the supple body.

In reality, a large number of people at all ages, from Hollywood stars, supermodels to ordinary people are eager for Pilates. So why is pilates so attractive?

Pilates is a system of stretching and pushing exercises; relaxing muscles and adjusting the body postures and alignment of the bone structures. Pilates helps to correct defects of the spine caused by improper postures through daily activities, which lead to back pain, degenerative spine, spinal disc herniation, and spondylosis. In addition, pilates help to relax the muscles including neck muscles, shoulder blades, waist, two muscles along the backbone and avoid the dryness of joints.


The Asian diva named Elva Hsiao successfully practiced Pilates and published a book on Pilates. She said that Pilates was the next stop of her dreams. Finally, she found out her body and soul. For each area of the body, she chose 15 exercises. And that was a modern physiotherapy for those who are prone to obesity and stress and have a low fitness of muscles. Simple movements helped her lose three kilograms after two weeks of taking Pilates. In particular, the abdominal muscles became more powerful.

In reality, In European countries and other regions as well, there has been a significant increase in the number of Pilates centers including Pilates Luxemburgo.

The miraculous effect of pilates on back pain and spinal diseases

A recent research has shown that the stress and ache and pain caused by back injury can be easily eliminated through Pilates exercises. This study helps us to realize that Pilates is able to balance movements of turning your body and help to build up muscles to shape a good body. Moreover, you learn more about the useful knowledge of your body movements so that you will change bad habits that may hurt your back. Therefore, you will listen to and get more understand about your body.

No matter how you take pilates, the Reformer or the Mat, you will also have a coach who is expert in principles, surgery, muscles, and spinal column. The most important principle of pilates is the accuracy. The reason is that if doing Pilates exercises wrong, taking pilates is not beneficial for your health.

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