Are we over-analyzing MOOCs?

All these readings on pros and cons of MOOCs make me wonder whether we are over-analyzing the MOOCs… Are we? If we are not talking about profits being the motivation behind the scene, since they are free, then maybe let’s just let them be and see how they evolve on their own. Why not? We’re not analyzing youtube too much: it’s just there for us. I might be totally wrong with this statement and will disagree with myself next time I blog, but for now, reading Case 1 on p. 63 of Hollands, F. (2014) MOOCs: Expectations and Reality, where a virology professor (Vincent Racaniello) was motivated to share his expertise with general public, I cannot help but think, that sometimes over-analyzing things would not afford us progress, while just letting things go their course might lead to serendipity.

I am embarking on a very interesting, one of a kind course GSE1.1x Unlocking the Immunity to Change: A New Approach to Personal Improvement. Thoughtfully excited about it. First, the course itself is intriguing: it is about personal development and improvement, rather than an academic discipline. Second, it is a MOOC and third, I will be working on it on the other side of the fence, with the facilitators.

I have never done anything like this before, so it is an unfamiliar territory and I am yet to narrow down my project proposal. However, being out of my comfort zone seems to be new normal in my universe.

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