From individualism to collectivism through connectivism? Learning for oneself and others.

To me learning has long been associated in acquiring knowledge, expanding my horizons, gaining new expertise, learning from others and so on. And all for myself. Self-centered process. A concept of individualized success, concentration on one-self has been engraved and solidified in our society. We understand it well, we know the rules of the game  (what ever they are) and we learned how to extract for our own gain.

It is hard, almost counter-intuitive to contribute while learning. To move from self to others. This is what I am striving to understand, to feel and to do.

And, this is not to be confused with teaching. Surely, we learn from teaching too. But in this concept of everybody’s contribution through learning is different. It is new to me and it is not what I have been taught all my learner’s life.

When I think of what my contribution to the course would be, my first thinking is “I will blog on resources I read, so I express myself” or “I will try various outlets, like twitter and other social media, so I get a better grip on the tools and become better skilled“. But this is all self-centered, I now see.  How can I create the content, an ardent advocate of which I am, the content which others might enjoy or find informative?

It is a new and a challenging task indeed. I much enjoy the blogging of many of my classmates: thought-provoking and coming from the bottom of their hearts. I feel the urge to let them know about it, but haven’t quite figured out the best way for it. Well, maybe I will dedicate a post on my blog just for that. And then there is twitter: brisk, quick and to the point. And, again, I am extremely thankful to our #t509massive community for all the useful links, quick updates and resource sharing. Each of these contributions make our community warmer, more welcome and a greater source of knowledge.

And now, here I am. What is my contribution to this wonderful community? With little spare time we all have and lots of thoughts, what would be the most valuable input I can dedicate to my class?

While it is definitely work in progress, I wonder whether continuing reading my peers’ blogs and commenting on them, occasionally sharing interesting links via twitter and reading others’ twitter references as well as sharing my work on a project, linked to this course, would be something of that value? The time will show, but for now I am hoping this would be a good step forward.

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