MOOCs: A new media outlet (prompted by Steve Kolowich’s “The Professors Who Make the MOOCs”

Steve Kolowich’s “The Professors Who Make the MOOCs” highlighted an emerging category of celebrities (in a good way): academic community.

For a long time now the visual arts performers were able to advance their recognition and reach their audience globally: youtube is one of the outlets in today’s toolkit disposal.

MOOCs are the youtube for academics: they allow the audience to access the source and to gain the knowledge. Naturally, a teaching team becomes recognizable in the circle of the MOOC-takers.

While MOOCs remain costly and time consuming in preparation, technically, a good professor from a little-known college can become well known and recognized/recognizable for his/her work. His/her contribution to the scholarly world can become more visible and maybe more impactful, because of the scale.

Recruitment/professional gain aside, MOOCs are a fresh way to showcase the intellectual treasure (otherwise locked on a local level) and to be known for the expertise and contribution.

It will probably not take long before we start seeing MOOCs ratings and competition in the cyberspace.


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