Diving into learning with no chance to fail.

“Mama, draw me a helicopter, please” says my 4 y.o. precious daughter after she watched another episode of one of the favorites Robocar Poli (Hyundai’s social responsibility project for children).

Drawing helicopters, to put it mildly, is as far from my expertise as it is from my interest. Add to it lack of time, a hefty to-do list, an infant on my laps, some pressing matters – and this project’s attractiveness deteriorates dramatically.


The retaliation of a disappointed 4 y.o. is a powerful motivator and a push. Basically, there is not time for deliberation, no opportunity for a dialog or negotiation. No luxury of wondering whether I can do it. There is only one option: to draw a helicopter as fast as possible, to smile at all times, make it fun (to cover up for the shortcomings of the horrible skill-less drawing) and to move on, being ready to please my little patron with yet another deliverable, in which I most likely won’t have the right background either.

Interestingly, the helicopter (Heli) sketch was approved by my 4 y.o., then followed the drawing of an ambulance (Amber), a track (Roy) and a police car (Poli). It all happened so dramatically fast, that I haven’t noticed my imagination taking over, materializing in drawing a forest, an ocean (with sharks), an island and more.

What happened? I swear I can’t draw, I am busy and the theme (tracks and cars and all that) is not exactly in the scope of my interest (give me something “girlier” any day!) .

I guess, the motivator outside of anything rational dictated the successful outcome. There was not much of a choice, but to succeed and to do it fast, with the resources immediately available.

I wonder: if we are not aware of the spectrum and criteria (“this is easy”, “this is difficult”, “this is for humanities majors”, “this is for techies”), but only have a task and an assumption that it is doable somehow, would we then trick ourselves (or rather free ourselves from what’s stopping us otherwise) and succeed? The answer would rightfully be “it depends”. But I suspect there will certainly be more room for creativity, leading to succeeding.

Another random thought.


  1. Merisenda Bills

    October 28, 2014 @ 3:37 am


    awww, what a cute story! thanks for sharing!

  2. athgse

    October 29, 2014 @ 2:44 am


    Thank you Merisenda, glad you liked this snapshot.

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