Import-Export disaster!

I just got comfortable in the blogosphere and wanted to proceed to the next step: building a portfolio. Portfolio, hmmmm, sounds pretty powerful and implies expertise. Can’t wait to learn how to build it, can’t wait to have one!

But, wait! Here I will give a quick overview or my disaster (to be fixed). Apparently, some blog spaces have truncated features (specifically, lacking the “portfolio” option). Not a problem – since it is claimed to be easy to transfer the content from one blog to another, from one platform to another. My compulsive mind felt settled on a migration idea into a regular wordpress, rather than my original, customized home.

All I need to do is to “export” the content of the old blog and “import” into the new space. Right? Not so fast. The import-export operation got busted somewhere in the digital space. I am yet to figure out where and how and, most importantly, to place my precious content where it belongs, in the new space, with the portfolio function.

Before that, however, the thoughts are bubbling in the compulsive mind and need to be expressed, hence, blogging in the “old” blog. Afterall, I’ll just export everything at once and import the same :-). Just bare with me!


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