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Vote, Vote, Vote

Filed under: General November 3, 2003 @ 2:27 pm

Electronic Voting is starting to show up on the radar. This is excellent news. The EFF is suing Diebold to make sure that there can be a public debate about the quality of our voting equipment. Australians do electronic voting right.

And, on a much more personal note, I’m going to be working with the Caltech-MIT Voting Technology Project in the Spring.


  1. Ravi Nanavati:

    I wouldn’t say the Austrailians “do electronic voting right.” They certainly do it better than we do, but I don’t think anyone can be said to do it right unless they are printing paper receipts (and they do not have paper receipts in the Austrailian system).

  2. Ben Adida:

    I wouldn’t say that “paper receipts” are necessary. You need some kind of confirmation for the user, but depending on how you implement paper receipts, you can have potentially problematic consequences (if the voter gets to take this paper receipt back with him, then you are effectively enabling the selling of votes.)

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