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A decision

Filed under: General May 6, 2004 @ 2:59 pm

A friend gently poked me last night to say my blog was becoming boring and shallow because I’m focusing too much on Bush and simplistic criticism of him. That may well be. I’ll try to do better in providing more unique points of view, to give my blog more of me.

At the same time, I’m going to hold other blogs to a set of standards, too. Today, Instapundit is pointing to, specifically a movie they made that links Kerry’s 1971 statements to the current Iraqi prisoner torture. Instapundit calls this movie “not unfair.” That is irresponsible and incredibly bogus. Kerry says something at the age of 27 after having seen the horrors of war, later takes it back, but somehow the words he used 30 years ago make him responsible for last week’s actions by people under Bush’s command?

Instapundit’s gone over the line. I used to read his stuff to “see what the other side thinks.” If that’s the level of debate going on, then the other side’s got big problems. This kind of misleading attack is contributing to the killing of real political debate. Goodbye Instapundit. Wish you’d provided true debate material rather than pure flame over the past few months.

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