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Delaying the Election to Protect Our Democracy?

Filed under: Policy July 13, 2004 @ 11:05 am

For a couple of weeks now, I’ve been wondering about what our administration would do if someone got the idea that terrorists might attack on election day. Turns out, they now have a solution: rescheduling the election.

I was looking for the right words to describe my feelings on the matter, but then I read Wonkette and she says all there is to say about it:

Because the terrorists hate our freedom, you know. And if we allow the democratic process to move forward, the terrorists will have won! It all makes so much sense, I think my head might explode!

Actually, we’re sort of starting to get it. Like, if al Qaeda bombed all the voting places, that would make it hard to hold an election. Or if they somehow purged a bunch of law-abiding citizens off the voter rolls for no reason. Or maybe if they rigged up a black box electronic voting system. Or threw the whole thing to the Supreme Court. Those things would be a problem, democracy-wise.

Now, let’s be fair: it looks like, while Homeland Security is considering postponing, Condoleeza Rice has declared that “no one is thinking of postponing the elections.” That’s a strong, good statement. Let’s hope the White House doesn’t flip-flop on this one.

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