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The Courage of John McCain: Principle over Politics

Filed under: Policy July 15, 2004 @ 11:05 am

I do not agree with many of John McCain’s positions. For example, he’s against gay marriage, and I’m in favor of it. So while it is easy for me to oppose the recently failed Federal Marriage Amendment, it takes a bit more courage for John McCain to do it.

McCain is against gay marriage, yet he stands up to his own party and refuses to support the FMA, because he believes it is a State issue, and not a Federal one. His oath to uphold the Constitution trumps personal preference. And for that, John McCain is a great man, a politician worthy of respect and admiration.

I wish we had more politicians like him. The Constitutional process should always trump a politician’s personal agenda. Too many politicians seem to forget that.

UPDATE: fixed spelling mistakes.

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