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MBA hacking continued

Filed under: Security & Crypto April 8, 2005 @ 9:27 pm

Four weeks ago, a few fellow crypto people from MIT and I wrote a letter to the Dean of the MIT Sloan School concerning the applicant hacking incident.

The Dean answered. So we wrote back. And he wrote back. And the discussion was quite interesting. I fully admit that I was surprised: I didn’t expect the Dean to take as much time as he did to answer as thoughtfully as he did. And it’s not like we agreed in the end, either. We ended up disagreeing on the notion of notification of private online spaces. That said, one thing is clear: MIT Sloan did not make this call lightly, and as much as I continue to strongly disagree with their decision, I also strongly respect their decision process.

At the very least, this was a victory for honest and open debate. You can read the entire exchange.

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