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Where’s the Microsoft PR Department?

Filed under: General May 3, 2005 @ 4:49 pm

A couple of weeks ago, Microsoft withdrew support from a bill that would have mandated equal opportunity protection regardless of sexual orientation. The response in the press has been so overwhelming that Bill Gates recently expressed his surprise. It seems he thought this would go unnoticed. And the best MS can say to explain its action: “we’re not against the bill, we’re just no longer in favor of it.”

That’s just weak. You’d think a company as big and strong and experienced as Microsoft would be able to better predict public response. But the fun doesn’t stop here.

Today, Bill Gates is envisioning cars that don’t crash. Even a non-nerd will utter a forced chuckle and think “oh yeah, and I envision a version of Windows that doesn’t crash.” Come on. Does any of this stuff get vetted in any way?

I feel like the Daily Show criticizing the Bush Administration: stop providing so much material, eh?

UPDATE: giving credit where credit is due – Microsoft has just re-reversed its decision. Next year, they will support any legislation that disallows discrimination based on sexual orientation. Thank you, Microsoft.

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