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The Web 2.0 Apps

Filed under: General May 7, 2005 @ 6:39 pm

I’ve been keeping an eye on the people at 37 Signals, particularly David Heinemeier Hansson who founded the Ruby on Rails web development project. I’m quite impressed.

They really get it. Their web applications are very easy to use and very useful, and the Ruby-on-Rails development platform is incredibly interesting (if only they favored PostgreSQL over MySQL… but I digress). You should check out their two applications: BaseCamp and Backpack. Backpack is particularly interesting because it looks a lot like the small applications I’ve constantly built for myself in order to organize my work… only it looks like they’ve done a much better job.

I have yet to find the time to really dig into the Ruby-on-Rails platform in detail, but I strongly support the basic ideas: dynamic typing, radid development cycle (no compilation), easy, non-XSLT, templating, and not being afraid of SQL, are all ideas that have been around for a long time (Naviserver back in 1995), but David has managed to package them and market them more effectively than anyone else.

It’s good to see a rebirth of web applications. There’s more to this “web 2.0” talk than just hype, and the 37Signals and RoR teams are proving it.

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