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Fighting the Real Fight

Filed under: Policy July 5, 2005 @ 3:32 pm

So the right wingers are quick to accuse anyone who opposed the War in Iraq of being weak in the fight against terrorism. This is, in no uncertain terms, a load of crap, and it needs to be made incredibly clear. Someone who truly wants to fight terrorism knows that overthrowing the Taliban and fighting Al Qaeda were and continue to be incredibly important. But the War in Iraq was a ridiculous diversion that set us back in the real issue of fighting terrorism.

Case in point: it turns out that the French, though opposed to military action in Iraq, have been helping the CIA in unprecedented ways in fighting real terrorism, meaning Al Qaeda. I have significant issues with the power of French magistrates and their degree of oversight (i.e. none), but it’s clear from this story that the French are incredibly serious about fighting Al Qaeda. It’s also clear how Donald Rumsfeld is a posturing idiot who will blatantly disregard national security in exchange for a good sound bite about Old Europe.

I wonder if Instapundit and the other French bashers will ever pick up this story and scale back their absurd rhetoric.

UPDATE: Heh, nope the wingnuts like Instapundit didn’t pick up the story. But they did happily enjoy the fact that Paris lost its Olympic bid to London. At least Instapundit is honest enough to call it petty. If only he noticed that many of his other comments are just as petty.

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  1. Paul:

    In Italy we say: chi ha torto fa clamore contro l’accusatore. (who has the fault make claims against the true).

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