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Voting is Hard

Filed under: Security & Crypto November 9, 2005 @ 9:31 am

Voting is terribly hard to administer.

I voted yesterday in Boston. I was handed voting lists by partisans about 50 feet outside the voting location, which is technically illegal. Once I came into the voting location, the overeager voting administrator confiscated my “voting paraphernalia,” even though it’s technically perfectly okay for me to come in with a voting list of candidates I’d like to select. Meanwhile, as I voted, the TV was on in the polling station, so poll workers could watch the talk shows. And of course, my name was checked off both lists at the same time, rather than once at the entrance, and once at the exit.

Meanwhile, Arnold Schwartzenegger almost had to vote provisional. Why? Because someone had used his name during the testing phase, and had forgotten to “cancel the transaction.” How many other voters had the same problem? How many of them had the courage to stand up and say this was a mistake?

This is difficult stuff. It probably always will be.

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