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“Habari na karibu kwa mtandao wetu, Berkterns, msimu huu wa jua” (Hi and welcome to the Berktern 2012 Summer Blog)

Berkterns, are a group of passionate, dynamic and talented young people interning at the Berkman Center. We can be found working on a diverse portfolio of research projects in the Youth and Media Lab, Citizen Media Law Project, Digital Public Libraries, the Core Team, H2O, the GeekCave, MetaLab, and one on one with various professors/faculty at the Center. We help to keep the Center young, vibrant, stimulating and fun as we synergize, collaborate, experiment and engage each other as well as the faculty, fellows and staff  at the Center among many other things.

Your Bloggers

Hi! I come to the Berkman Center with a range of interests centered on information and Internet access issues. I recently graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Legal Studies and a focus on Economics and Information. I can’t think of any better place to engage in intellectual exploration of current issues, challenges, and solutions…and I’m constantly surrounded by amazing people with brilliant ideas!

Royze Adolfo.

                                    My name is Hilda Barasa and I also just recently graduated from Mount Holyoke College with a BA in Urban Political Development and Economics. My interests in cyber law and how young people are constantly using technology to develop home grown solutions to their problems as well as engaging their societies and the world led me to the Berkman Center. I love the intellectual connections that keep forming so naturally here and the spirit of camaraderie that surrounds the Center. I am excited to document the unfolding summer and the awesome experience that Berktern 2012 is poised to be.

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