4 Ways Computer Glasses Help Students Alleviate Eyestrain

Looking at a bright computer screen is often the norm for many students.  Late-night study sessions, tight deadlines and studying your typed-up notes, all add up to hours of screen time – which can cause eyestrain and eye fatigue.

Our eyes weren’t designed for staring at computer screens, smart phones or tablets and yet, our screen time continues to increase. It’s estimated that the average student spends between 6-9 hours a day in front of digital screens. These hours add up and can lead to serious vision problems, such asCVS (Computer Vision Syndrome) also referred to as ‘Digital Eyestrain’. CVS causes a range eye problems, such as soreness and discomfort, headaches, difficulty to sleep, blurred vision, dry eyes, and neck and shoulder pain.

While reducing your screen time is helpful, it isn’t always an option for students who need to study. Fortunately, there is a solution that doesn’t require going cold turkey on digital devices. Computer lenses or blue-light blocking lenses are the ideal solution for anyone working in front of screens, whether or not you wear prescription glasses.  Here are 4 ways computer glasses can reduce eye fatigue and other CVS related symptoms.   

1. Blue Light Filter

Every time you use a computer, TV, cell-phone or tablet – a blue light wavelength is emitted from digital screens causing eyestrain.  Glasses for the computer, commonly known as computer glasses or blue light blocking glasses, filter out harmful blue light allowing your eyes to naturally relax and relieve symptoms associated with CVS.  

2. Better Sleep

A good night’s sleep is hard to come by amongst students studying for finals. So making sure you get your 8-hours’ worth is essential. Long exposure to blue light can interfere with sleep patterns and the body’s circadian rhythm function. External light from the sun, artificial lights, or from screens tells your body that you should be staying awake longer. Melatonin, the hormone that signals our bodies that it’s time to sleep, drops, and causes feelings of sleeplessness and restlessness. 

The right pair of blue-blocking glasses will help you filter out a significant percentage of this light, significantly reducing the affects that late-night studying, gaming or TV will have on your sleep. 

3. Customized Magnification

Computer lenses often provide customized magnification for individuals with or without prescriptions.  The average computer screen is typically distanced 20-26 inches from the user’s eyes, so to prevent the eyes from straining too hard, computer lenses can be customized based on prescription or personal preference to magnify the text on screen.

Computer lenses can be particularly helpful for students who use their computer for extended periods of time. Without glasses for the computer, you may end up with blurred vision, eyestrain or even headaches from having to squint at small text on a screen. Changing your posture to read small text will also increase the chance of neck and pack pains. 

For the best result, it’s important to get customized computer lenses that have the right magnification for your computer usage. These glasses can be modified to suit your own prescription and vision needs. 

4. Fight Digital Eyestrain

In addition to blue light and small text, reflections from screens can also cause eyestrain. The best computer glasses will also include an anti-reflective coating, also known as an anti-glare treatment.  This coating can eliminate reflections of light from the front and back of your lenses. 

Additionally, the lighting in your dorm or class may cause eye fatigue. Strong overhead light can increase contrast which can also require your eyes to work harder. Computer lenses may also include a light tint to reduce this glare. 

Find Stylish And Protective Computer Frames And Lenses 

The right pair of computer glasses can protect your eyes and reduce eyestrain when you need to spend a long time in front of the computer.  When looking for computer glasses, look for options that will filter out blue light, provide an anti-reflective coating and give you 100% UV protection.  

Make sure to get an up-to-date prescription check at the optometrist, who can also recommend the right magnification for your computer lenses. By investing in a pair of blue light blocking glasses, you’re providing your eyes with the protection they need from the screens we look at every day. This will help you stay productive and feeling great regardless of how much work needs to get done.