EdTech continues to propel global academics into digital iteration

Of all the industries in the modern world (and the past, for that matter), education is by far one of the most important of them all – if not the most important. It is no secret that in recent years, we have found ourselves amidst a world of technological advancement and rapid digitalisation. In fact, one could feasibly argue that these are the innovations that are driving the future of the world closer and closer to becoming our current reality. Technology is everywhere these days. All one must do is turn their head, and there is bound to be some type of technology surrounding them, if not more than one. Practically every industry, every aspect, every facet of modern life has been transformed in the wake of technological innovation. In the case of education, that revitalisation comes in the form of EdTech (education technology). In essence, education technology refers to any kind of technology or form of digitalisation that seeks to disrupt education, and make the experience and the industry more convenient and efficient.

First and foremost, it is fundamentally important to acknowledge that EdTech is not designed to take over traditional education in every possible way. What EdTech has been created for, and what it continues to strive towards, is thriving alongside traditional education to create a stronger, faster, better, more reliable future for education and all who have access to it. Before its implementation, there were fears among the education community that allowing technology to seep into its facets would create an evolution in academics that essentially replaced traditional methods and models – like the educators themselves, for instance – with technological iterations of the former. Over time, as more research and information was released to the public, it became clear that this was not in fact the goal, and that EdTech sought to work in alignment with traditional education methods and models, creating a better future for the academic field the world over.

Since the challenging beginnings, EdTech has since gone on to prove itself time and again. Thanks to EdTech, some of the education industry’s most prominent and exciting innovations have been made possible, and have gone on to prove they are worth their weight in gold. Through EdTech has come the rise of digital innovations like online learning on the global scale, personalised learning targeted at bringing out the best in individual students, and more. This is the single greatest innovation that has brightened the world of academics, and even now it continues to prove itself to be incredibly worthwhile. With EdTech, the entire education sector has been given the opportunity to transform its reaches, continuing to become stronger and more reliable every single day.

Whether that is referring to the available NASM study guide and practice test, or putting one’s energies into completing a degree in the arts, or any other manner of academic journeys there are, or working in education now or in the future, EdTech has made it all so much easier. EdTech has given rise to an entirely new world where academics is more accessible, more flexible, more affordable, and above all else, more enjoyable than ever. What we have experienced of EdTech up until this point has been nothing short of awe-inspiring, but this is just the beginning for education technology and all that it encompasses. Like the rest of the world, education is still experiencing innovations in technological impact that are changing its substance from the inside out, and this is likely to continue for some time (if not forever). Education has always been a prominent industry in the world, and it is only continuing to reign in its position the more that the modern world moves us on. EdTech provides us with a whole new academic world, and we are lucky to see it flourish.

Education is an industry that has been important to global society for as long as we have been learning. Over the years, education has experienced its fair share of innovations and transformations, some of which have stuck, while others floundered and failed. One of the most recent and most revolutionary innovations in the history of education is none other than the rise of education technology. In short, EdTech is designed (not unlike every other form of technology there is, to be sure) to make education easier, smarter, bolder, better, faster, stronger. Through EdTech, some of traditional education’s highest battlelines have been broken down, paving the way for a smarter and more positive academic future. Working in collaboration with traditional education methods and models, EdTech is going to bring to fruition the next iteration in worldwide academics, and it is sure to be enlightening and exhilarating, to say the least. This is an exciting time for education, and this is just the beginning; the best is yet to come.